aprendeaodiar en fluctuaciones #12

Hoy ha sido día de chicas en fluctuaciones v.2.0

Track list:

1. Quix*o*tic. Ice cream sundae.
2. Sleater Kinney. Jumpers.
3. Slant 6. Ladybug superfly.
4. Bratmobile. Are you a lady?
5. The casual dots. Bumblebee.
6. The Slits. Typical girls.
7. The Au pairs. You.
8. Free Kitten. Skinny butt.
9. Team dresch. Screwing yer courage.
10. 7 year bitch. Kiss my ass goodbye.
11. Best coast. When I´m with you.
12. Delta 5. Mind your own business.
13. Cadallaca. Pocket games.
14. PJ Harvey. Who the fuck. (tema enlatado)
15. Helium. Superball.
16. Hello cuca. Lady yo.
17. Lidia Damunt. Echo a correr.
18. Quix*o*tic. Lord of this world.
19. Babes in toyland. Overtura: astroantiquity/attacatastrophy.

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